About Michelle

Most of my life, limitation defined me.   I lived as if the purpose of life was to maintain comfort and avoid suffering.   The choices I made, vetted through a lens of safety and security, brought many achievements.  I earned my law degree from the University of Southern California, where I served on the Law Review.   Upon graduation, I received a prestigious Federal Clerkship, worked for a highly regarded Los Angeles law firm, and landed at NBC/Universal, where I worked for 13 years in a variety of roles, most recently as Vice President, Labor Counsel.  Along the way, I married a great guy, had two beautiful sons, bought a house, a few cars and made wonderful friends.

Despite these accomplishments, I found myself wondering, “Is this all there is?”  The thought of doing the same thing for the next 40 years felt like a form of death.  My life felt flat and foggy.  As I ran from commitment to commitment, I was both bored and exhausted.  I had no interest in climbing any higher on the corporate ladder, no motivation to push myself harder – and I was disappointed that the sparkling promise of who I “might have been” seemed lost to me.

My search for something more led me to the University of Santa Monica (USM), where I earned a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology.  The experience was transformational! I realized I had been living my life as if I were penned in by a small fence.  It seemed impossible that I could ever leave my well-paying, flexible corporate job or be anything other than a lawyer.  Adventure, creativity, experimentation seemed like it was only for others – those who lived beyond the fence.  I regretted not taking more risk when I was younger.  I felt like I had lost an opportunity to have a truly extraordinary life.  Through my course work, I discovered all of those limiting thoughts simply weren’t true.  Or at least they weren’t necessarily true.  If I wanted my life to be different, the only thing holding me back was me.  The gate had always been open.  I had always had the key.

Learning to live a more expansive, courageous, authentic life was a process that began with exposure to a new life paradigm at USM:  What if life is for learning?  What if our purpose on this planet is to become more loving, accepting and compassionate?  What if it’s my responsibility to listen to and honor the callings of my heart?  Living my life from this possibility changed everything.

Through my education at USM and through my work with my own amazing coach, Steve Chandler (www. Stevechandler.com), I shifted my relationship with the world around me.  My willingness to take action, experiment, and risk rendered me almost unrecognizable to myself.   I spent the money to remodel my kitchen, I started talking with my husband in a more vulnerable way and being way more open to his feedback, stopped making everyone else’s needs more important than my own and playing the role of martyr.  I sought our leaders who inspired me – and interviewed them about how they do their work.  I started designing and facilitating workshops to support others in transforming their own lives.

As I evolved, I knew I wanted to help others experience a similar shift in their own lives.  Everywhere I looked, I saw people longing for a similar transformation.  Smart, talented, capable, people with successful lives felt disconnected or had a sense that something was missing.  Many people, knew they had unused potential, but had no idea what to with that awareness or fear kept them from getting into action.

I started coaching individuals in 2007, while I was still working as a lawyer and, discovered how much I love creating intimate, nourishing, and sacred relationships with my clients.  It is an honor and a pleasure to share their lives: work, relationships, hopes, dreams and fears.  And it’s endlessly fulfilling to support them in their expansion and success.

Next, my friend and colleague, Carolyn Freyer-Jones and I founded “Creating your Life from the Inside/out” a four month women’s coaching group in which we support a small group of women in working together to become effective co-creators in their world and to create what they want most.  In 2011, we added an advanced group: “Self-Mastery for the Professional Woman” designed to strengthen a professional woman’s presence, purpose and self-esteem so she can do her life’s work in a more effective, empowered way.

By May of 2010, my coaching practice had grown so significantly that it no longer made sense for me to keep my “day job” as a lawyer.   With grace and ease, I stepped out of one six figure career into another.    Now, every day I am grateful that I spend my time and life energy helping amazing people create significant change and transformation that dramatically improves the quality of their lives and those around them.